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The Bed and Mattress Guide

Did you know you spend roughly one third of your whole life asleep? Because sleep is such an essential part of your life, here at LoveMyBeds we want to help you get the best night possible. For a good night’s sleep you’ll need a mattress that’s perfectly suited to you, your sleeping position and your pressure points.

What goes into our Mattresses?

There are many types of mattresses, fillings, construction and technologies – but they can all be grouped into five broad categories. These categories are:

  • traditional spring – a series of connected springs inside a mattress
  • pocket spring – individual pocket springs to provide greater comfort
  • advanced mattresses – these can contain advanced materials such as latex or gel
  • memory foam mattresses – a layer of memory foam that provides support to you
  • combination mattresses – a combination of the above, for example a layer of memory foam on top of 1000 pocket springs

Each of the above categories offers their own unique benefits. As such, careful consideration should be taken when selecting a mattress to ensure it is right for you.

The Mattress Size Guide

The size of your mattress is one of the first, not to mention most important decisions you need to make. There are many options available but here are some handy tips when choosing the best size that suits you:

  • A mattress should be at least 10cm (or 4 inches) longer than the height of the tallest person using it. You don’t want your feet to be in the air.
  • The width of the mattress should allow you to be able to put both your hands under your head without your elbows touching the edge of the mattress or the person sleeping next to you.
  • If you have young children that like to join you in bed, you may consider getting a size larger to comfortably accommodate everyone in bed.
  • Measure the size of the room that the mattress will go in to make sure it will fit. Everything in the shop seems smaller than it actually is.

Please note! European and American mattress sizes differ from UK mattress sizes!

Whatever your sleeping preference may be, we are sure to have the perfect mattress to suit you. If you are not sure please give us a call or pop into our store for a friendly chat. Our trained staff will show you a couple of options where you will be able to lie down on each of the mattresses on our display to find your perfect match, no matter your sleeping position, comfort issue or mattress desire. Please also bring in your significant other if you tend to share the same bed at night to ensure we match both of your needs!

Which Mattress Type might be the best for you? – Firmness Guide


Ortho Lambert Pocket Sprung Mattress

When aching pressure points are a nightly concern an ordinary mattress won’t suffice. Our Ortho Pocket Sprung Mattress provides the necessary support with its 1000 extra firm pocket springs, which help to distribute your weight evenly. Generous layers of upholstery provide luxurious comfort and the Belgian damask cover presents an elegant finish. You can find this mattress here.


Tencel Pocket Sprung Mattress

With 1000 pocket springs and a hand tufted interior, our pocket sprung mattress range offers a firm level of support which doesn’t compromise on quality or comfort. The individually wrapped springs distribute weight evenly, offering complete support and stopping ‘roll together’. A finish of a premium cover ensures this mattress is a great addition to any bedroom. You can find this mattress here.

Medium – Firm

Sensacool High Count Pocket Sprung Mattress

Our 1500 pocket spring mattress is an ideal option if you prefer medium firm support combined with a luxurious feel. Containing up to 1500 pocket springs, this 1500 spring mattress provides even weight distribution and helps to make your night’s sleep more restful with no roll-together. A perfect candidate for couples who prefer firmer mattresses. You can find this mattress here.


Combined Oxford Pocket Sprung Mattress

This Oxford 1000 Pocket Spring Combined with Memory Foam layer Mattress provides medium grade firmness at fantastic value. Each area of your body has catered support via the individually wrapped pocket springs. This mattress is also wrapped in a luxurious fabric and has a deep, cushioned layer of Memory Foam providing a level of comfort that will help alleviate any aches and support you all night long. You can find this mattress here.


Bamboo Combined Pocket Sprung Mattress

Our Bamboo Mattress combines support and responsiveness of individual pocket springs, with deluxe memory foam to give you the ultimate good night’s sleep. The memory foam moulds to the shape of your body while you sleep, alleviating pressure points and easing joint pain during the night whilst individual pocket springs provide cushioning and prevent you feeling your partner turn over sleeping. You can find this mattress here.


Memory Plus Open Spring Mattress

Incredibly soft and plush, our Memory Plus Open Spring Mattress provides luxurious comfort and exceptional quality at amazing value. A traditionally styled mattress, the open springs guarantee support over the entirety of the bed surface, and the copious layers of soft filling make it incredibly cosy. With a cover of Cashmere, the Memory Plus will provide a deep and tranquil sleep in luxurious style. You can find this mattress here.

We also offer…

Cooling Mattresses

Cool Touch Mattress

With a top comfort layer made from specially developed extra soft material, the Cool Touch offers instant relaxation and body moulding properties to give you a great night’s sleep. Working in perfect harmony with the lower support layers, once you settle into your most comfortable position, your body weight is redistributed across the whole surface reducing the pressure whilst you sleep. You can find this mattress here.

And so much more…

Any other type of mattress you may need

Still not sure? We also offer other types of mattresses for example our reversible Climate Control Summer Winter Mattress with a revolutionary “Ice Fabric” cooling side perfect for warm summer nights. Then when the nights become colder, you flip your mattress to the other side with Memory Foam that will keep you warm at night. Just get in touch with us for our trained staff to assist you in finding your perfect night’s sleep.

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