Mattress Size

Mattress Sizes


W 77cm x L 192cm (2’6” x 6’3”)

The small single will fit narrower kids’ bed frames and guest beds. It’s the perfect size if you’re trying to save on space and is great for a spare room as it can be easily moved when you have guests.



W 92cm x L 192cm (3ft x 6’3”)

This size is great for people who sleep on their own and is a good longer term option for a child as it will last well into their teens. Single sized mattresses are also a great option for larger spare rooms and guest bedrooms.



W 122cm x L 192cm (4ft x 6’3”)

Small Double mattresses are better suited for one person but can be bought for two average sized adults who don’t mind sleeping close to each other. A small double is also a good choice for couples whose bedroom isn’t particularly wide.



W 137cm x L 192cm (4’6” x 6’3”)

A double mattress is the perfect sleeping solution for couples. This size allows for a good amount of room so each person can get an undisturbed night’s sleep. Here, at LoveMyBeds we stock a huge range of double mattresses with a wide variety of materials and construction.


5’0 KING

W 152cm x L 202cm (5ft x 6’6”)

Great if you like plenty of sleeping room; a king size mattress will mean you’ll be able to turn and move positions without disturbing your partner. If you or your partner are 190cm or taller we recommend a King.



W 182cm x L 202cm (6ft x 6’6”)

The very best in sleeping comfort – the super king mattress gives an unbeatable amount of space for you and your partner. If you are someone who values a lot of space, the Super King is a great option.